WWTP Shirts and hatCan you envision with me – “The Fair and Free World Trading Company” outlet stores, with the graphic of Yin and Yang as its base logo, symbolizing a BALANCE of Fair Trade and Free Trade, in airport shopping centers and malls worldwide? These stores would display and sell Fair Trade Certified clothing and goods and employ university students. Students would also design, market, and import/export all products utilizing and influencing Free Trade Agreements and Fair Trade Certification.

University Professors, Adjuncts and Students, Your involvement will be key in developing and marketing the products and continuing to manage the brand name to insure success and integrity. Additionally, your help will be needed to develop social programs for example, health, education, agriculture, water purification, and conservation. In other words, programs to benefit the communities of the developing countries where the products will be produced.

WWTP T-shirts and hatThe first line of products will be casual apparel and tee shirts marketed to college students. Marketing will target this segment accordingly through email, websites, and on campus mailers. The University of New Hampshire will be used as a testing site for these marketing efforts in the first year and expand across the northeast and outwards.  Additionally, after the brand name has been established, marketing will target an older audience by adding business apparel to the product line.

Do you want to design a website for us? Contact us. We own these domain names:

Do you want to design a t-shirt for us? Contact us. Ask us about using the WWTP approved graphics available at Dreamstime