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Fair Trade Gift Box: Cigar, Rum and Chocolate

Flor y JoyaCigars and Rum, Flor y Joya – the flower and the jewel of Nicaragua, a fair trade gift box idea to create funds to benefit Nicaraguan women.

My idea for hand rolled cigar factory came from a visit to one of the many rolling facilities in Esteli, Nicaragua. Cigars are a bit of a novelty item, a fun image enhancing product. Empowered women every bit as cool as the men enjoying their after diner Cognac and smoke.

But by providing a job as basic as rolling cigars, can but food on the table and keep a roof over the heads of head of household women. A job is no novelty to a woman providing for her family, it can be just enough to make life pleasant and offer some security in developing countries like Nicaragua where the unemployment rate is about 35 %.

WWTP Tee shirt backAs you can see from the photos below, Vanessa and I enjoyed doing a little research on putting the WWTP brand on cigars. We thought the cigars could be marketed to professional Women Who Know How To Wear The Pants in their careers.

The short version: for a minimal investment, we could lease a small factory building, to house a humidifier room, and rolling tables and cigar presses. Higher a buyer for the tobacco leaf. A quality cigar can be produced for about a $1.00, the cigar would then retail for about $7.00. The project would provide adequate income for the women rolling the cigars, and my guess $3.00 profit to be returned to the community for education, health and welfare programs.

Woman smoking cigarAn idea for the original investor: Cigar affeccianado   Arnold Schwarschenger would be good to approach. A little bit of an apology to Maria and women of the world?

Perhaps if it is successful, WWTP could then buy a tobacco plantation and produce its own organic tobacco.

A great George Burns quote: “Happiness? A good cigar, a good meal and a good woman…or bad woman; it depends on how much happiness you can handle”

I myself do not think sharing happiness, makes you a bad woman.

Creating University Academic Programs that Promote a Legacy in Integrity

WWTP proposes to Universities the idea of a new academic program. The course or program elected for creation is Legacy in Integrity. Funding for this project is a $5,000.00 donation to your University from WWTP and Mr. Robert Carroll along with the donation of 1400 organic cotton tee-shirts purchased from, and the rights to the company and to direct the two(2) trademarks developed Women Wearing The Pants® and The Fair and Free World Trading Company®. This program would be offered to professional students at your university for areas of study in Humanities and / or Business. The participation in this program of study is to receive academic credit for the real formation of an apparel product in which all proceeds from the sale of these items go toward the continued funding for the course or program and charities benefitting women in low income households. The preamble of the class is to strengthen the ideals of integrity. The curriculums focus is to initiate change in the belief of business success as an individual purpose and spotlight the realization of business success for the betterment of community and society.

Proposed in this example document are the goals of organizations Women Wearing the Pants® and The Fair & Free World Trade Company® to collaborate with Duke University in producing an academic program that platforms business mantra as a legacy of integrity. The organization of the program is for students to receive academic credit for their participation in the formation of an apparel product that can be sold in stores. All proceeds made from these products goes to continued funding for the program and helping women in low income households. In addition to receiving a real business experience, the graduates of Duke University who participate in this course or program and become the next business entrepreneurs or businessman of tomorrow endorse the perception of social responsibility.

Fair Trade T-shirts and Hats

WWTP Shirts and hatWWTP will donate $10,000, 1400 organic cotton tee-shirts (imported from and the rights to direct the two brand names, preferably to State Universities wishing to help further the cause of Women Wearing The Pants. We need Website Maintainance, Marketing, Business Planning, and Political Science majors to help cement our views and opinions on international trade, with quality research. I welcome any other university to join in the effort.

WWTP Shirts