The idea for Women Wearing the Pants (WWTP) came about from a culmination of experiences had while volunteering in Nicaragua. These experiences range from a Spanish teacher who brought awareness to the amount of single mothers raising children in the country, to a peace corp volunteer that taught women how to market their own businesses and told of the opportunities that women owned businesses create for single mothers. These experiences combined with further research and brainstorming sparked the idea of creating an opportunity for women in developing countries to work for themselves and have more control over their family’s future through economic empowerment.

Wearing the pants is a colloquialism for having control. Therefore the company name, Women Wearing The Pants is meant to convey that women are in control of their lives and their family’s future. This is an idea that will resonate with the WWTP consumer who is in control of what they support through their purchasing power.

For more information on WWTP please see our business plan.